Tattoos for a good cause

Win a hand-sized tattoo! Buy a ticket for our tattoo raffle now for 10 €. All proceeds go to the QZM!
Clauddia (she/her) from @womanatworktattoo works at the queer-friendly tattoo studio @tragic_kingdom_tattoo and is donating a hand-sized tattoo to this raffle. Starting now, you can buy tickets for 10€. The tickets are available for sale until January 31st, then we will draw a random number to determine the winner. There are a total of 50 tickets.
What exactly is there to win?
The prize is a tattoo the size of the tattoo artist’s hand, which Clauddia will tattoo in the Tragic Kingdom Studio in Mannheim. Several small tattoos that add up to the size of a hand are NOT possible. Also not possible are tattoos on hands and necks, hate symbols and other discriminating images.
The winner will then be contacted by us and we will initiate your contact with Clauddia. The winner can then talk to Clauddia via email or Instagram about the tattoo design and an appointment. For better planning, there is a two-month deadline for the winner to contact Clauddia about a design and make an appointment.
If the winner changes their mind about the tattoo or buys it for a friend, they can give the prize to another person. Please note that changing the winner is no longer possible if you have already been in contact with Clauddia about a design and/or an appointment.
Good luck!

The booking period for this event is over.


1 tattoo raffle ticket QZM january

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